Meet Jessica

In choosing your own adventure, making your own rules, and that fake smiles really suck.
And because fake smiles suck, I’ll wager you’re looking for a photographer skilled in the art capturing and inspiring genuine emotion. Someone you can be yourself around toavoid those forced and unnatural poses that everyone dreads.

I Believe:

I’m Already On It!

OH, Hiiii! 

Welcome to my lil corner of the internet - my friends call me Jess and I like candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and whodafuq cares. 

Amiright? I know you didn’t come here to find out what foods I like, the pastimes I enjoy, or my favorite band - you came here to gather facts that’ll help you decide whether or not to hire me as your ass-kicking wedding photographer.

So let’s discuss the things about me that matter to you and make me a badass camera-toting boss, but first...


Honestly? I’m almost as excited about it as you are but before we get any further, let’s assess our compatibility… 

When it comes to your Big Day, if you have a vision (be it traditional or not), you can count on me to back that sh*t up by listening, directing, guiding, and working tirelessly to make it happen. There will be no fake smiles on my watch.

* I go above and beyond to make your wedding day special AF because that’s how I roll.

* When you hire me, it’s just as much about the experience as it is about the photos because when you’re relaxed and having fun, YOU LOOK SO MUCH BETTER IN YOUR PICTURES. And that’s the whole point.

* My job is to make you feel comfortable so you can be yourself, feel at ease in front of the camera, and have fun at your own damn wedding.

If you want a photographer who sits back and takes a sideline approach, we’re pro’lly not gonna mesh. I’ve got your back and firmly believe that the role of your wedding photographer (that’s me) is bigger than showing up and taking amazing pictures. 

And sometimes? It’s the small things that count. Thirsty and need a refill? I gochu. Need help adjusting your veil, dress, or hair? Done. About to pass out from lack of food? Here, eat this shrimp kabob STAT. I’m here for YOU.


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