When Moments Become Memories...

You need a photographer who cares.
(no, like... REALLY cares)


Well Hello. We are Jessica Ash + Co.
Destination Wedding & Elopement photographers, boss babes in charge, and your new BFF. 
You don’t need another stuffy vendor taking up space on your Big Day, Nope. You need real talk from someone who has your back, a photographer who knows their stuff, here documenting and preserving the very best moments from your Very Big Day.

So indulge in the moments of your Very Big Day and lose yourself in the beauty around you. 
Oh, and don’t mind us... we’ll just be over here in the bushes where the angle is good,  (true story...)

Magic. It’s yours to make and mine to capture

DOCUMENTING your love story + One of the most exciting days of your life!


Meet JEssica